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• The Christopher Award

• Scales of Justice Award, Philadelphia Bar Association

• "Writing Aloud" InterAct Theatre Company Award

• The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

• Princeton University President's Fund for Oral History of Black Community

• Princeton University Vice-President for Campus Life, Service Grant

• Bonner Foundation Grant American Political Science Association, for distinguished reporting of public affairs

• American Bar Association, Certificate of Merit, the Gavel Awards
• Keystone Award for distinguished reporting

• Philadelphia Press Association, for distinguished reporting

• Named one of the Saturday World Review's 17 "Writers nominated by their publishers as most likely to become tomorrow's literary luminaries"

• Paul G. Tobenkin Memorial Award, honorable mention for "outstanding achievement in the fight against racial and religious hatred, intolerance, discrimination, and every form of bigotry," presented by Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism

• Sigma Delta Chi, for outstanding reporting

• Mademoiselle "Mlle" Award, for Outstanding Achievement for Women of the Year

Saturday Review's "Tomorrow's Literary Luminaries"

/>"Kitsi Watterson has written--and continues to write--about people society considers 'untouchable'--prisoners, poor people, migrant workers--and always in a way that humanizes, so that those she writes about are not simply a collection of problems, but living, breathing human beings. I have great admiration for her spirit and unflagging courage, and for the sheer artistry of her work."

- Professor and Author Jane Bernstein, Carnegie Mellon University

"Kathryn Watterson's work in progress--her short story collection, White Girl--sets a young girl's coming of age against a backdrop of flawlessly evoked social and cultural milieus of the 1950s and 1960s. Questions of social justice mingle with issues of personal freedom ... Her non-fiction writing demonstrates great skill in exploiting the dramatic possibilities of conflict-driven narratives. Her revision process is as fearless and thorough as any writer I've ever known."

- Professor and Author Jan Clausen, Director, The Eugene Lang Writing Program

"Kitsi Watterson is the kind of writer who doesn't blink, who is willing to go straight to the heart of some of the most divisive and painful issues in American society. Her prose is lucid and her research is exhaustive. She possesses the compassion of a novelist and the instincts of a reporter."

- Professor and Author John Smolens, Director, Creative Writing Program, Northern Michigan University

"Kitsi Watterson's writing has changed me. She always makes me look at things with more compassion. Sometimes I'm mad at her for it. After her stories, it feels impossible to dismiss vulnerable people the way I used to. She's made me think about them as individuals. After her story on the homeless man, Bumble Bee Brown, I even keep my eye out for him at Penn Station. Before her, I didn't understand enough to connect to people like him. Now I do."

- Lee Gruzen, author, and Ship Lore captain